Welcome to Women’s Mindfulness for Beginners
(Welcome to Mindfulness for Women’s Health and Well-Being)

  • This is a one-day (10-3pm)  experiential learning event for women, to explore mindful ways to wake up to our lives and get in touch with our hearts and our “beginner’s” mind.
  • Lunch provided.
  • Cost is $100.00
  • Click here for our registration form.

Women’s Empowerment Retreat at Summer Solstice

  • A full day dedicated to enhancing personal empowerment (10-3pm).
  • Sequencing of Mindful Movement, Sitting Meditation, Mindful Walking and Body Scan are guided with emphasis on Self-Compassion.
  • Lunch provided.
  • Cost is $150.00
  • Click here for our registration form.


  • Graduates of A-MBCT!  This is a weekend to reconnect with our collective wisdom and wake up to our true beauty, revealed by our open hearts and minds. You are invited to this reunion to nurture and be nurtured by our Mindful Way Sangha. Let’s meet each other on the path again.
  • This residential retreat is held at Mindful Way Meditation and Retreat Centre in Haliburton.  Please note that space is limited.  Please arrive between 4-6pm.  A light supper will be served and orientation at 6pm.  The program will start at 7pm. Let us know if you could share a room if needed and/or share a ride.  The retreat ends Sunday after a celebratory lunch!
  • Cost is TBD and will include lodging and meals.
  • Click here for our registration form

Couples Retreat